Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, Just Me

Sarah at Just Me has a new meme.

I thought this will be a great way to get my blogging going. Unfortunately, no picture of me but I do have this one which represents me this week.

Yep, chocolate makes me happy and I need a lot of it this week. Sick husband, sick two year old, on the start of the rollercoaster of paediatrician appointments for my six month old, exhausted and on the verge of getting sick too. So, tonight I settled for a nice big mug of milo. It was the closest thing to chocolate I had in the house!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello followers :)

Just wanted to say hello to my followers, yep, all three of you! Hello :) *wave* Thanks for reading my blog!!

New Fabric!

After a bit of a stressful week and afternoon yesterday, I decided to stop in to Stoplight for some retail therapy and look for some material for a dress pattern I have been wanting to make. I didn't find any that would be good for the dress but I did find a couple of pretty fabrics that I just had to add to my stash.

Now I just have to work out what to make with them. I'm thinking a couple of skirts. The red one is quite a thick fabric and has a little sheen to it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These post it notes are from the very talented Sarah at Blog Designs By Sarah

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Since I'm relatively new to this blogging gig, I've been trying to think of things to blog and ended up googling for some ideas. Hence, I came across this meme from Squidoo.

The Power of Four

Four Jobs I Have Had:
* Checkout chick
* Software Analyst
* Helpdesk officer
* IT Support

Four Places I Have Lived:
* Morley
* Narrogin
* Woodlands
* Dianella

Four Movies I Could Watch Again and Again:
* Harry Potter - all of them!
* 50 First Dates
* Dirty Dancing
* Shrek

Four Television Shows I Love:
* Brothers & Sisters
* Masterchef
* True Blood
* Lost

Four Authors I Enjoy:
* Raymond E. Feist
* Jodi Picoult
* JK Rowling
* Stephenie Meyer

Four Places I Have Travelled To:
* Florence
* Vienna
* Paris
* Fussen

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
* Facebook
* BellyBelly
* Google
* News

Four Blogs I Visit Weekly:
* Just Me
* The $120 Dollar Food Challenge
* blog this
* Sew Chic

Four of My Favorite Foods:
* Chocolate
* Strawberries
* Cheesecake
* Curries

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
* In bed sleeping
* Sitting in a cafe in Paris
* Laying on the lush green grass under a shady tree reading a book
* At the park watching my son play

Four People I Want to Tag:
As I have no followers yet, anyone who happens to come across this can tag themselves! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drastic hairstyle change #2

I chopped it off. Well, not me, my hairdresser. My hair is above my shoulders now and it's never been this short since I was about six years old! As the title of this post suggests, this is my second drastic hair change in as many months. First I went red. Ranga Red. Very bold for me and I actually quite liked it. It faded heaps and now I am just a coppery colour.

It's short. Very short! I have that phantom hair feeling when I brush it and now feel the breeze on my neck! I like it though. My hair needed it. It's refreshing.

PS. Sorry about the photo quality. It was taken with my iPhone, in dim lighting, with one hand and my two-year-old jumping around next to me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hi there!

I've been a member on blogger for awhile now, but have never actually done anything here except spend time reading other blogs and trying to find a template to make my blog look pretty (such a difficult task!). So, here I am now writing my first blog post. This is my first post on blogger but not my first ever post. I started a blog last year and if you're interested, then it is linked in my "Who Am I?" page.

I'm not quite sure where this blog will take you but you'll most likely read about my random thoughts and daily happenings in my life which involve, but not limited to, my hubby, kids, pets, my hobbies.

Happy reading!



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