Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Returning to study is something I've always thought about doing. It just hasn't happened because I'm indecisive and a procrastinator! At first I was considering nursing and midwifery but I'm thrown off by the shift hours. I'm not really keen on working all odd hours.

My top preference is physiotherapy. It's a job I think I would love to do. I'd love to help people recover from injuries and make their life that little bit easier. It would be a challenge to get into the course as it's highly competitive but I think I could manage it. The biggest obstacle is that it's only offered full time on campus only and I don't know how I would manage that with a toddler and baby as I'm not willing to put them into daycare. Maybe I need to wait a few years until they are in school.

I do have another field of study I'd like to do and that's library studies/information management. Being a librarian would be really flexible around the family I think and I love books and I love information and knowledge. The course can be done part time and fully online, either as a postgraduate degree or an undergraduate degree, the latter obviously taking longer to complete but also less expensive.

So many decisions to make!

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