Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bye Christmas! See You Next Year!

The big day has been and gone. I expected the cubs to wake up super early, but in fact, I was awake before them. Excited much?

We soon discovered that Santa indeed visited during the night and left us some goodies. He even took the time to write the cubs a little note on their blackboard whilst downing his milk and biscuits we left out for him.

We had fun opening presents minutes after waking up, hence the sleepy looks...

I was very lucky as The Bear gave me two gorgeous new beads for my Pandora bracelet. The two on the right, one with gold leaves and the other with the bluish/green flower. I was extra lucky and received a third charm, the sleigh, from a lovely online friend whom I've never met. Sorry the photo is so small! This is where I wish I had a macro lens!

After we got through our presents, it was time to head to my parents for breakfast. We do an annual family photo on Christmas Day. The family has grown over the years. I'm the one with the reindeer antlers :)

After breakfast and photos, we all sat down to open more presents from the grandparents, aunties and uncles. It was utter chaos! But lots of fun!

It was then off to The Bear's family (aka in-laws) for lunch. More present unwrapping occured here too. Although, not as many kids, less chaos!

After a long day, the cubs were spoiled rotten. The evidence was on my kitchen table! Some of the things up the back left were for me though :)

I hope everyone in Blogger land had a safe and happy Christmas! Here's to a great year in 2011!


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