Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Yep, that's how I feel in my world at the moment. I feel so out of touch with everything and everyone. I have flashbacks of what my life was like before the bear cubs came along and I just can't relate anymore.

I've lost track of a few good friends. Not from lack of trying, just because our lives are so different now.

I'm wearing the same clothes as I was 3-5 years ago because anything new I do buy is just to tide me over until I lose the baby weight and can be stylish. Never mind the fact, that there is really nothing stopping me from being stylish now, I just have no idea what will look good and suit me!

I feel out of touch with life's fun stuff in general. I see friends on Facebook going out for dinners and movies and parties and I wonder where is my fun stuff?

I'm not sure of the things I like because all my "leisure" activities relate to the kids - taking them swimming lessons, to playgroup, to kindy. All where other mums congregate and talk about their kids. I'm a bit over hearing about who's kid did what and who's now toilet trained, not sleeping, sleeping through the night, eating their vegetables.

Sometimes, I just wanna have a moment alone with The Bear and talk about stuff that's not kid related. I want some proper adult conversation that doesn't revolve around kids.

Sometimes, I just wanna talk about other stuff. But what? My life is so involved with my beautiful family, I feel disconnected from the outside world. What on earth did I do before kids?

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