Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And Off He Goes...

To Kindergarten. My three and a half year started kindergarten last week. *cry* He's growing up so quickly. I thought I was going to be perfectly fine, the beaming, smily mum waving bye to her little boy. Maybe it was pregnancy hormones, but I had to fight back the tears welling up in my eyes. I'm sure the teacher and other mums notice the glistening moistness in my eyes on that first day last week.

He was so excited to be a big boy going off to kindy.

All the mums received this care package from the kindergarten teacher. I really welled up when I read the poem and had to fight the lump in my throat. I WAS NOT going to cry in front of all the teachers, parents and children, most of all my own little boy!

It came time to say goodbye for the morning. He seemed a little overwhelmed by it all but was ok. When the kids were all sitting on the mat, the teacher asked them to turn around and wave bye to their mums. When my little guy waved to me he had a worried look on his face and I noticed his bottom lip started to tremble like he was holding back the tears too but was determined to be brave and not cry! Bless him. That look did it for me and as I walked out the classroom door back to the car, the tears rolled down my cheeks and I cried all the way home.

When I picked him up three hours later, he was all smiles and very proud of the biscuit he had made at kindy that morning! I'm so glad he's settled in and yes I am a big sook!

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