Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gestational Diabetes

Apparently I have it albeit very mildly. I did my OGTT last week and on Saturday my GP rang me to say my blood glucose levels came back "just a little bit high" and she wanted to see me ASAP. I asked if it could wait until my Obstetrician appointment in two weeks time. Apparently not. So off I went on Monday morning. Complete waste of time. She tried ringing my Obstetrician during our appointment but he was uncontactable. So all she could do was tell me my levels were 8.5 and the upper most range of normal is 8, so I'm only slightly over. She gave me some literature and sent me on my way. She did ring me later on that day to say she got in touch with my Obstetrician who had already posted me a letter and referral to a Dietician and he is happy to see me at my next scheduled appointment.

I've done some reading and feel it's something that's quite serious if I ignore it. But I get the feeling that friends and family don't realise the consequences down the track. I've had some just say "oh well" or "hahaha you can't eat chocolate now". It is amazing me how insignificant diabetes seems to be in the community. Or maybe I am just over-reacting (or over concerned because I don't really know how it's affecting me yet).

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