Thursday, March 1, 2012


So, I have a little Facebook page going called Where Dreams Are Made (or the URL refers to Handmade Dreams because Where Dreams Are Made wasn't available when I chose it). Not a great deal happens there, everytime I sit down to complete a project, something interrupts me and I need to put it aside. I post pictures of what I'm making or some new fabric I've bought or every now and then I'll write a post to say what I'm up to.

My intentions are to sell a few little handmade blankets on madeit. I've done a few but not as many as I would like to. So far, all my orders are custom requests from family and friends and lots of gifting so I never have anything left over for my madeit shop! I'm working on that though.

Anyway, getting to the point now....I'm a member on the Support A WAHP site and this month they have selected me to be in their poll. If I get the most votes, they will do an interview with me and put it up on their site. Very exciting. So, if you are reading this blog (I have no idea if anyone is reading....LOL) come and vote for me here

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